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Maerua Mall - Light at the end of the tunnel?
Light at the end of the tunnel?



16 Jun 2017


Business/Economy News Press release LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL?WINDHOEK, NAMIBIA – The digital revolution has touched and changed every aspect of society, including, very significantly, shopping. For many people, it’s just not worth the time, trouble and expense of making a trip to a bricks-and-mortar mall when everything...


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Maerua Mall - Maerua Mall Man Cave
Maerua Mall Man Cave



05 Jun 2017


Join us Saturday 10 June from 09:00 - 12:00 for the Maerua Mall Man Cave!There will be a snooker table & fuss ball table as well as loads of prizes up for grabs!


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Maerua Mall - Mommy's Happy Place
Mommy's Happy Place



09 May 2017


Come and be pampered by Maerua Mall on 13 May 2017 between 09:00- 12:00! First 10 Moms can benefit from a free 1 hour’s play session at Joyful Noise!Loads of treats and prizes up for grabs!You deserve it MOM!


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Maerua Mall - Free Wi Fi at Maerua Mall
Free Wi Fi at Maerua Mall



17 Apr 2017


Get Free Wi Fi at Maerua Mall!No Password.Use @freewifimaeruamall


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Maerua Mall - Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt



04 Apr 2017


Come join in on the Easter Egg hunt fun this Saturday the 8th of April at Maerua Mall from 09:00 - 12:00.Follow the clues given by Radiowave and find loads if Easter Eggs hidden around the mall.Young or old, you're all welcome!


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Maerua Mall - First Steps
First Steps



15 Mar 2017


From the 15th March - 15 April there will be boxes in Maerua Mall where you will be able to donate educational stationary and toys for the less fortunate children of Namibia.


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28 Feb 2017


MAERUA MALL BEGINS INTERIOR UPGRADE Bright, contemporary interiors, enlarged food court, vibrant “First for Namibia” family entertainment facility gets a new look and feel Windhoek, 01 February 2017 – Maerua Mall, established in 1990, is Windhoek’s original shopping centre. Located close to the heart of Namibia’s capital city and bordering the eastern suburbs, it welcomes over...


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Activity Centre Coming Soon



10 Feb 2017


Get READY for the new Activity Centre!!!! We're using the space where the 'old' Virgin Active was in the mall, and transforming it into a Super Fun Activity Centre for everyone!


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Soon to be New Look of Maerua Mall



10 Feb 2017


Have a look at the proposed New Look of Maerua Mall coming soon!


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Sneak Peak of the new Tenants coming to Maerua...



10 Feb 2017


Have a look at the new tenants coming to Maerua Mall!


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Maerua Mall - Valentine's Day at Maerua Mall
Valentine's Day at Maerua Mall



01 Feb 2017


Come to Maerua Mall on the 11th February from 09:00 - 12:00 to pre record your Love Message in our London Red Telephone Booth to someone special in your life! When you record your message you automatically qualify in the draw to stand a chance to win a Couples Massage...


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Maerua Mall - Festive Fun Day at Maerua Mall
Festive Fun Day at Maerua Mall



11 Nov 2016


Festive Fun Day at Maerua MallCome to Maerua Mall on the 26th November with Live broadcast from Radiowave at the food court. Bring a friend or loved one and come take a photo at our Photo Booth with loads of props and a few sexy elves, and you will receive...


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Maerua Mall - Namibian Message Tree
Namibian Message Tree



03 Nov 2016


Join us at the Food court, for 3 Saturdays Only for the Namibian Message Tree! Bring your kids and Swap your Festive Message for a Ginger Biscuit! From 10am - 1pm on Saturday the 12th & 19th November, and the final one on Saturday 3 December also from 10am -...


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Maerua Mall - Winners of our Photo Competition
Winners of our Photo Competition



01 Oct 2016


The public has voted and The day is finally here!! The Winners of our Namfever Photo Competition:1st Prize goes to Megan Dreyer!!! 2nd Prize goes to Oliver Halsey,3rd Prize goes to Adam Smaruj.Congratulations to you! Thank you for showing us the most beautiful parts of Namibia in the best way...


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Maerua Mall - Maerua Mall Photo Competition
Maerua Mall Photo Competition



13 Sep 2016


Maerua Mall Photo Competition:Vote online for your Favourite photo of the Top 10 Finalists and stand a chance to WIN N$1000 just by voting!You can either vote online by clicking on this link: Or come and have a look at the Top 10 Photos printed on big canvasses in...


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Maerua Mall - Maerua Namfever Weekend Getaways
Maerua Namfever Weekend Getaways



25 Jul 2016


Maerua Namfever Weekend giveaways! Visit us from the 1st - 15 August 2016 in front of Checkers for 12 Weekend Giveaways! Catamaran Charters (Walvis Bay), Living Desert Tours (Swakopmund) andSandwich Harbour 4x4 (Walvis Bay)


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Maerua Mall - Namibian Olympic Team farewell at Maerua Mall
Namibian Olympic Team farewell at Maerua Mall



20 Jul 2016


Join us this Saturday the 23rd of July 2016 from 10am -1pm at the Food Court in Maerua Mall, where we will sending the Namibian Olympic Team off to Rio! We are so excited and proud to be able to stand behind our Namibian Olympic Athletes, and Paralympic Athletes! ‪#‎namfever‬


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Maerua Mall - Parking Tariffs starting July 2016
Parking Tariffs starting July 2016



21 Jun 2016


Have a look at our new Parking Tariffs as from July 2016.


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Maerua Mall - Photo Competition
Photo Competition



14 Jun 2016


Namfever Photo Competition ...


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Maerua Mall - Your Safety is important to us
Your Safety is important to us



01 Jun 2016


At Maerua Mall you and your children's safety is SO important to us!If you feel unsafe in any way, please either go to your nearest security officer or immediately phone +26461423225. All of the emergency numbers can also be found on any of the lifts.


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Maerua Mall - Junior Table Tennis Masters Cup
Junior Table Tennis Masters Cup



24 May 2016


Join us this Friday and Saturday the 27th & 28th of May where Proactive will present the first ever Bank Windhoek Junior Table Tennis Masters Cup tournament at Maerua Mall.Reese Saunderson is one of the favourites to win the junior ladies division of the first ever Bank Windhoek Junior Table...


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Maerua Mall - Father's Day - My dad the Superhero
Father's Day - My dad the Superhero



18 May 2016


Join us on the 4th of June with Radiowave at Maerua Mall for a day of Superhero fun!Kids, take a picture with your dad in the Superhero cardboard and post the photo on our online entry form along with your contact details and share with us...


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Maerua Mall - Pop up Shop
Pop up Shop



25 Apr 2016


The Maerua Mall Pop Up Shop is a short-term commercial space available for rental. The space available has a floor area of 7 x 7 meters with a height of 2,5 meters. No need to take your merchandise home every day as the shop can be securely locked during the...


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Maerua Mall - If the shoe fits Mother's Day Competition
If the shoe fits Mother's Day Competition



15 Apr 2016


*Radiowave* & Maerua Mall are on the hunt! Join us on the 30th of April from 09:00 - 12:00 in Maerua Mall to try on the glass slipper. If the shoe fits you will be entered into a lucky draw to WIN a Diamond Pendant from Adrian & Meyer! (A&M...


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Maerua Mall - Independence Day 2016
Independence Day 2016



21 Mar 2016


Today Namibia is celebrating 26 Years of ‪#‎Independence‬! We are proud to be Namibians, and proud of how far our country has come. Here's to a future of growth, of becoming even stronger whilst cherishing and taking care of our country & each other.‪#‎namfever


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Maerua Mall - Easter 2016
Easter 2016



09 Mar 2016


Easter is right around the corner!Visit Maerua Mall over Easter weekend for some fun events, as well as our Easter Sidewalk Festival!See you all here!


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Maerua Mall - New Parking Tariffs March 2016
New Parking Tariffs March 2016



22 Feb 2016


Please take note of our new parking tariffs starting March 2016.


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Maerua Mall - Valentine's Day Photo Booth
Valentine's Day Photo Booth



11 Feb 2016


Bring your loved one to Maerua Mall this Saturday the 13th of February from 10am - 2pm for our fun photo station with professional photos printed for only N$20 or share your photo from our Facebook page!


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Valentine's Day 2016



08 Feb 2016


This Valentine's Day, the 14th of February, bring your loved one to our fun photo station! Professional photos will be printed for only N$20 per photo, also find them on our Facebook page and tag yourself!Loads of prizes to be won! See you there.


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Maerua Mall - Rich Kids Toy Store
Rich Kids Toy Store



17 Nov 2015


Meet HappyKid, the mascot of Rich Kids Toy Store, upper level Maerua Mall. For Every Toy you buy, you get one FREE! With this free toy you're free to decide if you would like to put it on the Charity Table, where HappyKid along with Santa will take these toys...


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Maerua Mall - Free Gift Wrapping
Free Gift Wrapping



30 Oct 2015


Christmas is around the corner!It's time to start buying Christmas presents for your loved ones! Most wait until a week before Christmas when the shops are too full, and you don't find what you're looking for, then you still sit all night wrapping presents. We're making it a little easier...


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Maerua Mall - Santa Calls Competition
Santa Calls Competition



29 Oct 2015


Santa is Coming! 3 Kids (between 3-13yrs) get to win any present they wish for worth N$2500 plus a LIVE call on *Radiowave* from Santa!Simply fill in the quick online form, and share with us why your kid deserves this amazing present.You can find the form either on our page...


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Maerua Mall - Christmas Activities
Christmas Activities



29 Oct 2015


Starting this Saturday there will be some fun Christmas activities at Maerua Mall!Join us every Saturday from 10am -1pm. Don't miss out, bring your kids along!


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Maerua Mall - Kids Craft Corner
Kids Craft Corner



29 Oct 2015


Join us this Saturday (And every Saturday from now till the 5th of Dec) at the Kids Craft Corner where your kids can make something special for a friend or someone they love for Christmas!From 10am - 1pm, see you there!


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Maerua Mall - Message Tree
Message Tree



29 Oct 2015


Join us this Saturday (and every Saturday starting the 31st of October - 5th of December) to fill up our Namibian tree with your Festive messages & wishes, and in return get a delicious Ginger Biscuit! Find the Namibian Message Tree at the Checkers court!


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Maerua Mall - SuperBru Competition
SuperBru Competition



18 Sep 2015


Maerua Mall and Radiowave are running a prediction pool on Superbru for the duration of the Rugby World Cup. You can win cash prizes worth a total of N$6,000 by finishing in the top three of the pool. All you have to do is join the pool, and...


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Maerua Mall - Participating Stores
Participating Stores



14 Sep 2015


Below is a list of all the stores currently participating in the New Shopping hours. We aim to have every shop part of the new hours in the very near future!We will be updating this list as stores join in.-3@1-@Home-@Home Livingspace-Ackermans-American Swiss-Ana's Boutique-Ana's Bridal Boutique-Barcelo's-Billy Bites-Cafe Dulce-Cape Union Mart-Checkers-Clicks-CNA-Dariva Fashion-Donna...


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Maerua Mall - Free Parking
Free Parking



07 Sep 2015


Come and enjoy our new shopping hours and get FREE PARKING on the 26th & 27th of September!


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Winner of the Rugby Competition



19 Aug 2015


Desiree Thys, the winner of our Rugby Competition!Desiree will be on her way to England soon, and while she's there she will be supporting our Namibian Rugby Team, enjoy the British Culture, and enjoy the beautiful city.Thank you for taking part in this competition Desiree, and thank you to EVERY...


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Maerua Mall - New Shopping Hours
New Shopping Hours



19 Aug 2015


As from the 6th of September, Maerua Mall will be open for longer, giving you more time for your shopping! No more rushing after work, take time for yourself, relax, sit down for a cup of coffee, and shop on your own time.


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Maerua Mall Christmas Decor



28 Jul 2015


After years of relying on interior design imports in Namibian shopping centres, Maerua Mall, for the first time, decided to trust a local arts and design team with the aesthetics of its shopping centres during the festive season 2015. Women Unleashed (WU), a home-grown Namibian company lead by Lilian Mundia,...


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Maerua Mall Installs Solar Panels



28 Jul 2015


Oryx Properties Limited, Maerua Mall’s Namibian owner, has commissioned local firm NEC, overseen by Seelenbinder Consulting Engineers, to mount grid-connected solar panels that will allow the shopping mall to generate at least 1 800 MWh (megawatt-hour) electricity per year and bringing welcome relief to the pressure currently experienced by the national electricity grid. The polycrystalline-silicon...


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Green Lighting in Maerua Mall



28 Jul 2015


A new adaptive lighting initiative at Maerua Mall is one of several energy-efficiency measures being adopted by its Namibian owner, Oryx Properties. Oryx recently gave the green light for the replacement of all fluorescent lighting in Maerua’s parking areas with LED (light-emitting diode) motion sensor tubes. Whenever people or moving cars are not present,...


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Maerua Mall - 2015 Rugby Promotion
2015 Rugby Promotion



14 Jul 2015


Spend N$250 in any shop, restaurant or movies in Maerua Mall, write your details on the back of the slip and put it in one of the competition boxes. After submitting the required information on the till slip, the entrant will receive one (1) entry into the drawing. You may enter...


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Maerua Mall - Sinfonia



29 Apr 2015



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Maerua Mall - Indingo Beach
Indingo Beach



29 Apr 2015



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Maerua Mall - SPCA



12 Mar 2015


Come to Maerua Mall on the 26th & 27th of June and give a little bit of your heart.Support the SPCA drive, there will be customised name tags, dog biscuits and so much more to buy! Bring any blankets, food, toys you have lying around and go home with a...


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Maerua Mall

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